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12 Brand Archetypes: Which one are you?

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You’ll probably hear me say this often but, a brand is so much more than just a logo and while the logo design process happens to be one of my favorite processes within developing a brand; it’s not the first, the second, or third step. Branding is much more and one of the first things you should actually do is establish your brand’s archetype to build a more personal and relatable experience for your consumers. 

In this blog post, we will define the 12 Brand Archetypes and outline the best strategy for each.

What are brand archetypes?

Brand archetypes are frameworks introduced by Carl Jung. The 12 archetypes are used today to help humanize brands to make them more identifiable and relatable to their target market.

How do brand archetypes enhance your business?

Brand archetypes define the structure of a brand and strengthen the relationship between it and its consumers.

The 12 Archetypes:

1. The Innocent: Safety

The innocent exhibits happiness and positivity with an optimistic outlook on life.

Strategy Approach: Prioritizes happiness and safety for everyone.

Brand Voice: 

+ Humble  

+ Optimistic

 + Honest


+ Happiness 

+ Positivity 

+ Simplicity 


 + Negativity  

+ Anguish 

+ Complexity

Innocent Industries Include:

+ Beauty and Skin Care

+ Natural / Organic

+ Cleaning

+ Fresh Food


2. The Everyman: Belonging

The Everyman aspires to belong and connect. They do not like to stand out in a crowd but rather blend in.

Strategy Approach: Build a strong community.

Brand Voice: 

+ Friendly  

+ Humble  

+ Authentic


+ Inclusion  

+ Togetherness  

+ Equality


+ Standing out  

+ Exclusion  

+ Isolation

Everyman Industries Include: 

+ Home / Family life

+ Comfort Foods

+ Everyday Apparel

+ Automobile (family / everyday)


3. The Hero: Mastery

The hero works hard to prove their worth and ability to the world. They are not only focused on proving themselves to others but themselves as well.

Strategy ApproachProve them wrong.

Brand Voice: 

+ Honest 

+ Brave


+ Knowledge

+ Vision

+ Belief


+ Consequences

+ Ignorance

+ Doubt

Hero Industries Include:
+ Sportswear

+ Sports Equipment

+ Outdoor / Tactical Equipment

+ Emergency Trade Services (Plumbing, Electricity, Locksmiths, Mechanic)


4. The Outlaw: Revolution

Outlaws are rebellious and known for questioning authority. The disruptive and rebellious brand archetype aims to go against the status quo.

Strategy Approach: Go against the status quo. 

Brand Voice: 

+ Disruptive  

+ Rebellious  

+ Combative


+ Liberation  

+ Independence  

+ Change


+ Conformity  

+ Being Accepted  

+ Servitude

Outlaw Industries Include:

+ Automobile ( motorcycles and fast cars)

+ Destruction Tools

+ Alternative Apparel

+ Body Art




5. The Explorer: Freedom

The Explorer has the drive to push outside of comfort zones and conforming to everyday life. Explorers love a challenge and value the journey or process it takes to complete a task or project.

Strategy Approach: Enjoy the journey.

Brand Voice: 

+ Exciting  

+ Daring  

+ Fearless


+ Adventure  

+ Exploration  

+ the unknown  

+ self discovery  

+ liberation


+ Confinement  

+ Immobility  

+ Cautiousness

Explorer Industries Include:

+ Outdoor Equipment

+ Extreme Sports

+ Adventure and Travel


6. The Creator: Innovation

The creator is imaginative, inventive driven to bold things with meaning and value.

Strategy Approach: Define the creative process and inspire self-expression.

 Brand Voice: 

+ Inspirational  

+ Provocative  

+ Passionate


+ Imagination  

+ Vision  

+ Creation


+ Familiarity  

+ Stagnation  

+ Duplication

Creator Industries Include:

+ Art

+ Design

+ Information Technology

+ Marketing 

+ Writing


7. The Ruler: Control

The Ruler creates order from chaos; they are always in control, responsible, and organized in whatever they set out to do.

Strategy Approach: Work hard, play hard.

Brand Voice: 

+ Refined  

+ Commanding  

+ Articulate


+ Power  

+ Prosperity  

+ Status


+ Weakness  

+ Failure  

+ Insignificance

Ruler Industries Include:

+ Hotels

+ Formal Wear Apparel

+ Watch Manufacturers 


8. The Magician: Power

Magicians strive to make dreams come true and prove that we are only limited by our imagination.

Strategy Approach: Transformation

Brand Voice: 

+ Mystical 

 + Reassuring  

+ Informed


+ Knowledge  

+ Vision  

+ Belief


+ Stagnation  

+ Consequences  

+ Doubt

Magician Industries Include:

+ Beauty

+ Entertainment

+ Health / Well-Being


9. The Lover: Intimacy

The lover creates intimate moments and inspires love, passion, and commitment.

Strategy Approach: Reaffirm beauty.

Brand Voice: 

+ Sensual  

+ Soothing  

+ Empathetic



+ Affection  

+ Indulgence



+ Rejection  

+ Loneliness  

+ Contempt

Lover Industries Include:

+ Cosmetics

+ Fragrance

+ Lingerie

+ Wine

+ Indulgent Food



10. The Caregiver: Service

The Caregiver protects and cares for others and is compassionate and nurturing.

Strategy Approach: Help those in need for the greater good.

 Brand Voice: 

+ Caring  

+ Warm  

+ Reassuring 


+ Service  

+ Support  

+ Gratitude


+ Neglect  

+ Blame  

+ Anguish

Caregiver Industries Include:

+ Hospitals

+ Education

+ Health & Aged Care



11. The Jester: Pleasure

The Jester is all about having fun and bringing humor to the world.

Strategy Approach: Make them laugh.

Brand Voice: 

+ Fun  

+ Playful 

+ Optimistic


+ Happiness  

+ Laughter  

+ Fun


+ Negativity  

+ Sadness  

+ Boredom

Jester Industries Include: 

+ Entertainment

+ Mens Care

+ Alcohol


12. The Sage: Understanding

The Sage is committed to helping the world gain deeper insight and wisdom.

Strategy Approach: Light the path to wisdom

Brand Voice: 

+ Knowledgeable 

+ Gilding 

+ Assured


+ Wisdom 

+ Information 

+ Expertise


+ Misinformation

+ Ignorance

+ Inaccuracy

Sage Industries Include:

+ Schools and Universities

+ Consultancies

+ Media and News Networks


Brand Archetypes can be a game-changer for your brand if you choose the correct one for your business and implement the proper strategy. Each archetype represents a personality or human characteristic that you can use to build a stronger relationship with your audiences and strengthen trust between your brand and its consumers.

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