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How to Create Brand Guidelines for Your Business + Free Downloadable Template

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Consistency is everything when it comes to branding. But how do you maintain brand consistency when your branded collateral is created by a variety of departments, partners, or agencies? As your small business grows, how can you quickly communicate your brand requirements?

The answer is a brand style guide!

In this post, we’ll take a look at what brand guidelines are and what should be included in the document.

What are brand guidelines?

Brand guidelines are the rulebook used to communicate your brand’s visual and verbal identity consistently and effectively.

Why are brand guidelines important?

Brand guidelines help to keep anyone involved with creating content or products for your brand all on the same page. That lists includes; designers, marketers, managers, and collaborators.

What goes into brand guidelines?

Your brand guidelines should include the following:
+ Mission Statement
+ Brand Archetype
+ Color Palette
+ Editorial Style Guide (mood board)
+ Typography
+ Logo Variations

These are the elements needed to help you create a unique and powerful brand. Each element needs to be clearly and carefully explained to tell your brand’s story in an authentic way that allows you to connect and build stronger relationships with your target audiences.

The most popular way brand guidelines are presented are in PDF format and depending on where you are in your business; your guidelines can be as short as 1 page or as long as 20. Anything longer than 25 pages may be overdoing it. While you want to be as detailed as possible; you also want to keep it clear, short and to the point for easy readability and reference.

Your freebie awaits!

Download your free brand guidelines template and get monthly freebies just like this from now on. 

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